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Are you ready to make a positive change in your life? To let go of clutter and increase your productivity? You’ve come to the right place! I’m Carolyn and I founded Simply Organized Life™ in 2005 with the mission of helping busy moms let go of clutter and be more productive. It’s all about finding more time and space for the things that really matter in life. You too can find peace of mind in our hectic world. You deserve a Simply Organized Life™.Come on in, make yourself at home! Let’s start your Organizing Journey™!


In 2005, Carolyn Anderson-Fermann founded Simply Organized Life™ with the mission of helping busy families let go of clutter to find more time and space for the things that really matter in life.


When I left the corporate world for Simply Organized Life™ I wanted to help women find the peace of mind that comes from being organized in an increasingly hectic world. I believe that I can help you find the Simply Organized Life™ that you deserve.

In today’s fast-paced world it is easy to become overwhelmed by the vast amount of “stuff” in our lives, both the physical “stuff” and the “stuff” that takes up the limited time that we all have.

By teaching you my secrets to better manage time and space, I can help you overcome feelings of being overwhelmed at work and at home. Your life can be simpler and more organized.


Carolyn was quoted in The Detroit News!

“I loved the workshop on household paper management. I would go to that again.”

Laurie Beuhler, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Carolyn is clearly an organizer who practices what she preaches, because she couldn’t possibly be so effective and timely if she weren’t extremely organized herself.”

Brian Urbancic, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“We are both greatly in debt to you for all of your counseling and assistance. Truly, you are a Godsend!”

Cathy and Bob Sigler, Saline, Michigan

“Carolyn is professional, personable, supportive and gives lots of practical suggestions.”

Rebecca Morr, Seminar Attendee, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Your session was really helpful! Since taking the class, I’ve already begun to ‘behave’ differently.”

LeeAnn, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Carolyn will change your life for the positive. I went to hear a talk presented by Carolyn at the Hamburg Library. She is the ‘real deal’. She is an expert at what she does. If you want a less cluttered life physically, mentally and spiritually, Carolyn can help you facilitate this life for you. She is a wonderful person who only wants the best for people who have suffered the pain of clutter.”

Jackie, Seminar Attendee, Pinckney, Michigan

“I don’t think it (my home) would have sold without the home staging advice you gave me, because the mirror-image house next door was also for sale. We had to compete for the same buyer and my staging was better.”

S. Aitken, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“I’m absolutely delighted with the changes you proposed to the homeowner. I will definitely use your services in the future.”

Two weeks after working with Simply Organized Life™ the above mentioned home sold.

Mary Ellen Wood, Reinhart Realtor, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Thank you so much for your expertly planned, well thought out, super organized presentation! It was perfect for our staff and we received lots of great compliments.”

Jamie Lausch, Ann Arbor District Library

“Many, many thanks for your common sense approach and all the great contacts!”

Barbara, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Carolyn is very engaging, approachable and practical.”

Sheryl Marzonie, seminar attendee from Gregory, Michigan

“I am so excited to finally get my room in order! Thank you so much!”

Keisha, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“You have inspired me to get a little better organized at home.”

Betsy, Howell, Michigan

“Thanks to your newsletters, I have made up my mind to try to live a simple life too.”

Jun Su, Hong Kong, China

“God Bless you and the work you do restoring order in a chaotic world.”

Mary Ellen O’Keefe, President, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“You have no idea what a help to us you were on Friday. I feel sooooo good about what we were able to accomplish. I really appreciate your drive and clear vision, especially for tasks as huge as our garage. It doesn’t seem insurmountable anymore.”

Cynthia Pulford, Dexter, Michigan

“I really enjoyed your seminar and got lots of helpful tips for my upcoming clothing business.”

Mona Malik, Sylvania, Ohio

“It’s still amazing how much better I feel now that my home is neater, less cluttered, and more efficient.”

Brian Urbancic, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“SOOO glad this was recorded. Even though I attended I’ll want to watch it again. For those of you that weren’t able to attend, check it out later once it is posted. Thanks so much for getting such a great speaker.”

Seminar Attendee, Corporate Lunch & Learn

“It has been almost a week since I attended ‘Secrets of a Simply Organized Life’ and, I gotta tell you, the tips and all the information you shared with us have made all the difference! My stress level is significantly lower now since I am getting more done; I feel more in control!”

Claudia, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Carolyn is charming. Very skilled.”

Jacque Alvarez, Seminar Attendee, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Carolyn gives lots of helpful tips.”

Rebecca Morr, Seminar Attendee, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“I went to your seminar on Saturday and your ideas inspired me.”

Lisa Groh, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“It was so nice going down to the basement and pulling out the organized, labeled bins to decorate with.”

Wendy Eggleston, Dexter, Michigan

“I really benefitted from our session. My daughter also liked the changes to her room and has kept it neater ever since.”

Donna, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“You were a Godsend! I feel so much more relaxed and happier in my home now.”

Ann, Jonesville, Michigan

“Very informative, clear and detailed presentation. It really will help me clear up my clutter”

Arsenio Ablao, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“You have been just the support I needed to get through those nasty nagging piles and boxes.”

Katy Held, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“I purchased your routine worksheet and found it to be very helpful.”

Joan Carley (Mom of 5), Ann Arbor, Michigan

“We all really thought you gave a great presentation filled with practical tips that anyone can incorporate into their daily lives.”

Cheryl Girvan, Saline MOPS, Saline, Michigan

“Carolyn’s work helped transform my life! She didn’t offer me a pat pre-packaged system. Rather, she figured out something that was unique to my rather quirky needs, and that will fit my lifestyle.”

Aura Ahuvia, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Thanks as always for your help! It is life-affirming and life-changing.”

Katy Held, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“I greatly appreciate your service and your follow up is so helpful in continuing the process on my own.”

Deborah Lambdin, Arbonne Consultant, Perrysburg, Ohio

“Your recommendation of the right organizational system tools saved us time and money.”

Claire Brender, Holt, Michigan

“I realized that becoming organized was truly a worthwhile investment when I entered my office in the morning and the lack of clutter caused an involuntary sigh of relief!”

David Groom, Barclay Consulting, Ann Arbor, Michigan