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10 Tips for Stress Free Holidays

Yesterday Simply Organized Life participated in a Holiday Showcase Event in Ann Arbor with some other great local vendors. We shared our 10 Tips for Stress Free Holidays (or at least holidays with less stress!). These tips do not cost anything and will help you save time and money during this busy time of the year. After all...Everyone deserves a Simply Organized Life!

In the weeks ahead, we will elaborate on the 10 Tips and welcome you to share your comments with our readers!

Tip #1: Keep it Simple!

Complexity adds stress. It is that simple.

The key to avoiding stress during the holidays is to keep things simple. At Simply Organized Life we know that is easier said than done especially with all of the media messages, stores all decked out, not to mention the pressure to keep up with those crazy neighbors that always go over the top.

One of the ways to keep things simple is to focus only on the things that you enjoy during the holidays. This may take a little thought, as there are so many things we do "just because". Think about what you and your family enjoy during this season and why. For example, if you enjoy putting up a tree is it because the way the tree looks when you are finished or is it because your kids have so much decorating it with simple things? Asking yourself these questions, will allow you to focus only on the enjoyable elements and keep it simple!

As for those things that always stress you out (and maybe you never seem to get done) if it is not necessary, eliminate it from your holiday plan. What!? No holiday plan!? We will talk about making a simple holiday plan next time.

Holiday Tip #2: Plan, Plan, Plan!