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Feeling Content & In Control
Do you have time to stop and smell the flowers?

Do you have time to stop and smell the flowers?

Hello Again Friends!

Thank you for the positive energy you sent to me following my last post. The kind words---spoken, written or just felt---fill my heart with gratitude for each and every one of you. I am so happy to be back! 

Last month, I promised to share practical tips for feeling in control, content and in alignment. Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed? I am. 

Over the years, especially since my kids were born, I have wanted nothing more than to feel in control of my home, my office, my life in general. Even though I was organized, I would let things pile up and leave them for later, when I would have more time.

Apparently, I am a very slow learner, as it's taken me decades to learn that there's never more time later. Another long time lesson learned is that when I am feeling focused and in alignment, most tasks get done with ease. It's never as bad or big as I imagine. 

During my recent hiatus, a lot of time was spent clearing open loops. David Allen, author of the time management classic Getting Things Done says "Closing open loops releases energy." Closing open loops felt so good, that I quickly became aware of how I was letting things pile up. I had an epiphany to move forward immediately as much as possible.

The results from this simple little change are quite amazing. Yes, it takes work every day to finish the task at hand, pick up after myself completely, go through all of the mail, get to in-box zero, file the kids' school papers, shine my kitchen sink and do a load of laundry. The wonderful thing about all of these little steps, is that in the consistency, I am finding myself with more time, not less. 

AND, when I am not overwhelmed, I am inspired to get stuff done with more focus, faster. When I have my "stuff" together I can better serve my family, clients and community.

As much as I would like it to be all rainbows and sunshine, there have been some tough decisions to make along the way. To keep my life in order, it's important to be intentional with my time. I often say "no" in order to say "yes" to what gives me energy and joy.

Learning to say "no" has not come easy. Next month, we'll chat more about being intentional. That is, saying "no" in order to say "yes" to the best of life. In the meantime, I would love to hear your tips for feeling in control of your life. Please comment below or send me an e-mail. 

All my best,


Learning to Say "No"

Learning to Say "No"

I'm Back!

I'm Back!