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3 Ways to Be Ready for Anything

The holidays are here! Many of us who struggle to stay afloat during the rest of the year, might feel like we are drowning in December and digging out in January.

That's why I want to share practical tips to help us be "Ready for Anything" and enjoy this special time more:

  1. Routines---We need solid daily routines for our work and home life. The idea here is to make the mundane automatic. By doing the same thing, in the same order, every time, we can get more done and eliminate decision fatigue. This is really about developing positive daily habits.
  2. Write it all Down---This is more than a brain dump, which is a good place to start when we are overwhelmed. What I am talking about here is writing down everything that we cannot attend to in the moment. That way our heads can be clear, more focused and ultimately more productive with the task at hand. We can use a scrap of paper, notebook, paper planner or electronic resource. It's not enough to just write it down, we need to come back to it, which leads us to Tip #3 (below).
  3. Prioritize and Plan---Tip #2 (above) has helped me tremendously in clearing out the swirl of overwhelm in my mind. The next steps are to prioritize and organize everything that has our attention. Some things will be important and thus, worth scheduling time on our calendar to complete. Other things should be deleted or delegated to others depending on our personal values.

If you struggle with any of these steps, I would love to be of service to you.

Here on the blog there are 10+ years of organizing tips and tricks. On my products page you can purchase my Routine Worksheet and/or Monthly Resolutions Chart.

Of course, I would love to chat with you personally. Just fill out the Productive Lifestyle Scorecard™ on-line. Carolyn will contact you to schedule your complementary 30 minute Discovery Session via telephone.

Intentions for the New Year

Intentions for the New Year

Ready for Anything?

Ready for Anything?