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A Fresh Start

Client's Desk After 8 Hour Miracle Happy New Year! I am so grateful to all of you! Thank you for reading and special thanks to those of you who responded to my first reader survey in December!

The survey response was greater than expected and provided me with useful insight into sharing the best content for you in 2016. Here's a summary of the responses:

By far (95%) most of the responders where women. The largest percentage (42%) were over the age of 60 with most responders (55%) a parent of adult children.

While I work with many empty nesters, particularly recently retired women, my work is more often focused on busy moms with children in the home. I am wondering if this is representative of all readers, or if women over the age of 60 with grown children are just more likely to respond to a survey. Let me know what you think!

At any rate, most survey responders are married (68%) and many identify with Christianity as their spiritual or religious affiliation. This was an open ended question. I found one answer of "complicated and private" so interesting and honest. All faith traditions are welcome here!

Responders are most likely to be retired (37%) or working full-time (34%). From both check box and open ended responses, it is clear to me that folks struggle most with paper and general clutter. My next post will focus on getting a fresh start with paper clutter in 2016.

Thank you survey responders! And thank you to all who contact me directly. I am inspired by your stories and appreciate all that you share.

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Conquer Paper Clutter

Conquer Paper Clutter

Enjoy Christmas

Enjoy Christmas