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Ann Arbor District Library

This past Friday, November 10th I had the pleasure of speaking at the Ann Arbor District Library's All Staff Day. I was so impressed not just by the facilities at the downtown library, but also by the friendliness and professionalism of the staff (the lunch was great too). What a great group of people! Thank You!!!

Come to find out, I appeared on the Library's blog yesterday. Check out blogger "Sancho Panza's" comments from 11/14/06 under the title "Mission: Organization".

This blogger also recommends a new book by Martha Stewart that was published in October. As much as I like to make jokes about Martha, her books are generally quite informative (just tone down the recommendations to real life). I have yet to see her latest, but I will be sure to take a peek at my local public library. At $45 I recommend the library over purchasing the book.

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