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Summer is a busy time. 

With all the activities on the calendar and less structure, I find it more difficult to stay organized in the summer months. Does this hold true for you? 

That being said, I believe even a little organization can take us a long way in the busy month of July. 

Today I am sharing the first of three ways you can avoid the most common organizing mistakes. 

Follow these tips and you can take in all those activities guilt free, without worrying about disorganization.

Do a Little at a Time

Many of us think that if we just had one weekend (or if you're a Mom, maybe one hour) we could really get things organized. The problem with this thinking is that for most of us these large chunks of time are few and far between.
While spending a weekend on organizing can lead to amazing results, if you do not have a plan to keep the area organized, it won't be long until you are in the same predicament again. Taking baby steps when it comes to organizing is the long term way to keep clutter at bay. 

Carolyn Anderson-Fermann is a public speaker, organizing expert and founder of Simply Organized Life. Carolyn will be presenting the hands on workshop "Tame the Paper Monster" at My Urban Toddler in Saline, Michigan on July 20, 2012 (childcare is available, check with My Urban Toddler for details).

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