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Book Review

David Allen's 2001 Bestseller: Getting Things Done

This book has been on my reading list for a long time now. As I mentioned in my May 2009 Newsletter, Your Simply Organized Life, I finally figured out how to use my local library's on-line catalog to put books on hold and work my way through my "Books to Read" list. This is working great for me and it doesn't cost me a dime. Now if I could only read books faster than they appear on my list.

Getting Things Done, or GTD as it is commonly referred to is chock full of tips for organizing your time and your stuff. Overall, I learned some new things and felt the time spent reading GTD worth it; but did find it to be somewhat of a slow read.

What I like about GTD is that it incorporates tips not only for one's work (corporate) life, but also for your personal life. Some of systems David Allen recommends seem confusing and cumbersome (even for a professional organizer!). But there are some great tips to be had from this book. My favorite from page 99 "Keep the Drawer Less Than 3/4 Full" can be applied to organizing almost any physical space.

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