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Business Tip #1

Keep the Business Stuff Separate

This is particularly important if you have a home based business, but also applies to people who have businesses outside of the home.

It is really important to have a separate space for business related materials, both physical materials and electronic materials.

Storing physical materials can be as simple as a separate file drawer only for business materials or a kitchen corner reserved only for business use. For those of you that work from home, you want to avoid keeping business materials in shared areas of the home. By this I mean: do not use the kitchen table, dining room table, coffee table or any other shared flat surface in the home to store your business materials!

For electronic materials, you want to make sure business data is stored separately from personal data. If you do not have two computers (one for home use and one for business use) you can simply make electronic file folders to separate business files from personal files.

Watch for tips #2 through #5 in the days ahead!

Business Tip #2

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