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Business Tip #5

Outsource What You Don't Do Best

As small business owners (this includes me!) we often try to do everything ourselves. At a recent women business owners meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Nina Howard the Founder of Bellanina Spa and Institute (www.bellanina.com) called folks like us "Do it Alls". I think Nina knows, she's been there and done it all!

However, even "Do it Alls" sometimes need to limit their activities to what they do best and let the experts work for them. This is called outsourcing. It doesn't mean you are going to go to China to get the job done, but what it does mean is that there is someone out there (perhaps another small business owner) that can do what you are struggling with in less time for less money.

Remember! Your time is valuable. Pay the experts to help you when you need it!

This includes help organizing your time or your clutter!

Volunteers Needed!

Business Tip #4