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Catalog Clutter

Today I received four catalogs in the mail and two were from the same company! If this pace continued every day, I would recieve 24 catalogs in a week and 1,248 catalogs in a year! So, something has to give!

When I work with residential clients we often find tons and tons of catalogs for the recycle bin. I imagine that you too might have catalog clutter, especially if you purchase a lot of items on the internet or by mail order. Here are three simple steps to keep catalogs from taking over your home:

1) Have a container such as a basket or bin specifically for catalogs---Mine holds about 20 catalogs and when it starts to overflow I know I need to weed some out.
2) Sort the catalogs from the mail and place in the container daily---This way you know where to find them if you need to order something or just want to look at them later when you have time.
3) Request to be removed from the mailing list of catalogs you don't use---This takes only a minute and the companies are happy to save money by not sending you a catalog. In addition, this works great for duplicates like the ones I received today.

With these three simple steps you can keep catalog clutter at bay! Enjoy!


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