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Choosing Less

Fall Sunrise Last month I wrote about both "Seeking More Joy" and "How to Find More Joy". For me, joy comes from choosing less.

October 2016 was, indeed, joy filled. It's not because I went on an extravagant vacation or did something super special. However, I did seek to live with intention and flow.

Simple things brought me great pleasure, along with social activities and visits with loved ones. I let go of physical and mental clutter. I focused on getting my work done without forcing or resisting.

As the evenings and days became cooler, I moved inward creating an atmosphere that is both minimal AND cozy. As I read more, I realized that my seemingly strange calling to slow down, might be most aligned with nature and human history.

In places like Tromso, Norway, our Scandinavian brothers and sisters look forward to the cozy, dark days of winter. Both Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine from India, encourage us to use the winter season as a time of rest and reflection.

So, in a world and a culture that pushes us toward more, more, more; maybe what our souls really need is a bit less.

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Living With Intention

Living With Intention

How to Find More Joy

How to Find More Joy