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Mommy blogger, Allison Stanton, of Ally's Helpful Hints for Mommies, recently moved with her two preschool aged children in tow. Ally shares her moving experience and organizational tips to make moving with kids easier. 

Thanks to Carolyn for letting me guest post!  She asked me to share some tips with you on moving with small kids. 
We only moved a few miles away but we still packed up everything really well because we had help to do it. 
I started out a couple months before the move date going through as much as I could and getting rid of items we did not need anymore. I gave clothes my youngest did not wear to a friend. Other items we no longer used were given away to friends that wanted them and things that were not usable were dumped.   
I boxed up a bunch of things in the beginning that we did not use everyday to get a head start on packing.  This included decorations, pictures and extra clothes. It was basically anything I knew that we did not need right away. I stacked boxes in corners of our small apartment and had a wall in my boys room that was stacked up to get things out of the way.

As I was packing I made sure to label the boxes to find things easily after moving.  It does pay to mark the boxes on all sides as this helps the guys bringing in boxes know where to put them.

Next week I will share more tips to prepare for moving day. 

Who is Ally? My name is Allison Stanton and I am a stay at home mom of two boys: 5 and 2 years old. We live in Ormond Beach, Florida. I love connecting with other mommies and helping each other out. I pass along hints for mommies and I receive help at the same time.  You can find me at my website at http://www.allyshints.com or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/allyshelpfulhintsformommies.  

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