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Happy Valentine's Day!

It's that time of year again where cards and candies are adorned with hearts. We at Simply Organized Life know that many of you may be scurrying around today to make those last minute purchases for your Valentine. If you do not have a Valentine this year, treat yourself to some fresh flowers or chocolate tomorrow when they are marked down!

Last week, I went to my favorite Hallmark store (the one closest to my house) and picked out a Valentine's card for my husband along with some birthday cards for February/March. It was late afternoon and there were a few other women in there picking out cards. I quipped with the cashier that on February 14th the store would probably be full of male last minute shoppers. However, we all know that last minute holiday shopping isn't just for men. Women too, often find themselves shopping at the last minute for that "perfect gift"!

I have been there too from time to time: frantically running from store to store at the mall or around town looking for the perfect thing for a family member or friend. However, with just a little planning you too can avoid the stress and the rush of last minute shopping.

Here are a few brief tips:

1) Birthdays---Write all important birthdays of loved ones in your calendar. This can be done once a year if you purchase paper calendars. If you use an electronic calendar this only needs to be done once. Set a time once a month to shop for cards or gifts.

2) Weddings/Showers/Etc.---When you receive the invitation, take a moment to mark your calendar and RSVP. While you have your calendar handy, set a time to shop on-line or in store for a gift. For best selection on gift registries, shop soon after you receive the invitation.

3) Major Holidays (Christmas/Hanukkah/Etc.)---Shopping year round can be a great way to reduce stress and spread out the expense, but only if you keep the items in one place AND keep a detailed record of what you purchase for whom. I have worked with many clients that forgot about their year round purchases and ended up shopping at the last minute anyway.

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