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Holiday Tip #4: A Financial Plan!

December is upon us and we hope our tips are eliminating stress in your life! One of the biggest stressors (not just at the holidays) is money. Our tips will help you keep spending in check this holiday season. You will thank us come January!

Tip #4: Make a Financial Plan (And Stick to It!)

Rather than calling it a "budget" we like to call it a plan for financial success during the holidays. The goal is not to add to debt in January! You can do this by being in control of what you spend and save this season.

Each of our 10 Tips builds upon the tip before it. By keeping it simple (Tip #1), creating a plan (Tip #2) and using a calendar (Tip #3) you are prioritizing how you want to spend your time this season. You also need to prioritize how you spend your money.

The first step is to determine the overall amount that you can afford to spend on the holidays without adding to your debt in January. Once you have your "magic number" you need to break down your spending plan into categories. This should include not only gifts, but also extra food, decorations, utilities, and travel expenses to name a few.

The difficult part for most people is sticking to the plan. If you find you are a little too freewheeling with the credit card, you may want to make an envelope with cash for each of your categories. Another alternative is to purchase prepaid credit cards for in person or on-line shopping. It is okay to use your regular credit card, as long as you can pay for all of your purchases when the bill comes.

In our next tip, we will make room for wise purchases by decluttering your space!

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