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Holiday Tip #6: Ask for It!

Our intention with this holiday tip is not to focus on material gift giving or to make demanding requests of our family members. The intent is to get away from giving meaningless gifts or worse yet, something that might be considered clutter several months from now.

Tip #6: Ask for What You Want (and ask others what they want!)

The truth of the matter is that most people stress over holiday gift giving. This tip is meant to eliminate some of that stress both on the giving and receiving ends.

By letting your loved ones know what you want for the holidays you help them give a gift that will be appreciated for years to come. Furthermore, what you might want for the holidays may not be material at all. This is especially true for our older relatives that probably have everything that they need, but just want to spend some time with family.

You should also ask others what they want for the holidays. If your friends and family are open with you this tip can save you time, frustration and money---especially if you happen to be a last minute shopper.

There will be people that readily tell you what they want. Then there are others that will say something like "oh, I don't need anything" and you darn well they will expect a gift come holiday time. For these more challenging folks on your list, look and listen for cues they might give you regarding something they might need or be able to use.

By sharing our wishes with our friends and family during the holidays, we get away from frenzied holiday shopping and focus on what is really important during this special time.

For tip #7 we will write about and provide suggestions for clutter free gifts!

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