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Holiday Tip #8: Imperfection!

Here in Michigan the snow is falling and creating the perfect winter scene outside of my window. This is the kind of scene that really gets me into the holiday spirit. It makes me want to create the perfect holiday scene inside of my home too! Before I get carried away with strings of white lights, we should talk about holiday tip #8.

Tip #8: Accept Imperfection!

I must admit it...I am an HGTV junkie and I love all of those holiday decorating shows that are on TV now. They make the prettiest things and absolutely gorgeous scenes for the home and garden. I recently saw an episode of Divine Design where Candice Olson not only put up a tree with all kinds of homemade decorations that people in the real world have no time to make, but she also painted and changed around two rooms! Don't even get me started on Christmas at the White House!

This makes for great entertainment in my humble opinion (my husband says it's boring and would rather watch an old violent movie with Arnold in it). But entertainment value not withstanding, I think these shows send a message that everything about our holidays needs to be perfect. This in turn, causes a lot of stress at an already stressful time.

If we can accept that things will not be perfect at the holidays, we can relax and enjoy the blessings that we do have. Let's face it, most of our homes do not look like the homes on HGTV, the kids and pets will not always behave perfectly (not mention those relatives that always seem to get on your nerves) and no matter how much money we have (or do not have) there will never be enough time to make everything "perfect".

I still enjoy my HGTV, while looking at the simple and somewhat sparse holiday decorations in my home. After all, with or without fancy decorations we can still have a wonderful holiday season!

Holiday Tip #9: The Reason!

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