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Intentions for the New Year

I had planned on having my January 2017 newsletter (sign up above) all done before the kids went on winter break. The best laid plans do not always come to fruition. January's newsletter was written on the afternoon of December 31, 2016.

Does this happen to you? Do you make excellent plans only to have them hijacked by the urgent or not so urgent? Me too.

However, over the last year I have discovered that if my morning starts out right, I am pretty much unstoppable for the rest of the day. And if my morning is a bit off-kilter, everything feels more difficult.

The New Year is a time for hope, for new beginnings and a time for getting our routines in order. In my next post I will share my organized morning routine.

Your life circumstances may be quite different from mine AND I hope you are able to glean a little something from my sharing to make your mornings just a bit more organized.

As always, I would love to hear from you. Please share your intentions for the New Year in the comments below.

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My Organized Morning Routine

My Organized Morning Routine

3 Ways to Be Ready for Anything

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