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Keeping Up

In my last post, written over two weeks ago, I wrote about my broken dishwasher and dryer. The dishwasher turned out to be a very small problem, but the circuit board on our dryer was literally fried by an electrical storm in our area during the last week of June. Just yesterday, the dryer was repaired and finally put back to use.

While my dryer was on the fritz, I kept up with the laundry by doing a load every day and hanging the items out to dry. I love the idea of saving all that energy, but must admit that I hate towels as scratchy as sandpaper. But had I not kept up on the laundry and exfoliated my skin with those sandpaper towels, I would have had mountains of laundry to catch up on this weekend.

Many of my clients have had what I like to call "organizing blitz weekends" where they spend their precious free time organizing their belongings only to see it all fall apart in a few days or weeks. One of the keys to staying organized is keeping up, which can be extremely difficult in our busy lives these days. However if we simplify our lives and do a little everyday (whatever that activity might be: laundry, e-mail, etc.) it can make a huge difference in staying organized or at least organized enough.

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