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Living With Intention

Choosing Nature Every Morning In the last few months, you may have noticed a shift in the blog. I have been writing blog posts for about 10 years now.

There isn't a master plan for each month's topic, I just write from where I am in my own life and organizing journey. At this time, I have no idea what will appear in December, but for November sharing ways to live with more intention and flow feels right.

I am incredibly blessed to choose to work in a way that feels aligned with my soul. My hope is that by sharing my journey, you may also resonate with the message and move toward living your best life.

What does "Living With Intention" even mean?

For me, it's all about choice. When we are intentional we make conscious choices about how we want to live our life. We choose to add more of what gives us joy and edit out what steals our joy. We make these choices based on what aligns with our personal values.

This is pretty simple stuff, but it is far from easy in our current culture. It can be a huge mindset shift from how we are used to living.

Many of my own intentional choices are far from what is considered "normal" but give me great joy. Keeping a clean, tidy and organized home and office is one example. I have edited out my "joy killers" like excessive media and over scheduling.

It's not always easy to find the "right" formula for living with intention. It's different for each of us and is always changing. I would love to hear how you bring more intentionality to your days. Please comment below and share!

Ready for Anything?

Ready for Anything?

Choosing Less

Choosing Less