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Metal Recycling for Cash

Organizing is like pulling back the layers of an onion. Some of us have bigger onions than others. As an organizing consultant, I am no different. My clutter is just hidden better and my onion is probably a little smaller than most.

That being said, I have been on a slow and steady mission to declutter our garage. My husband told me early on in our marriage (10+ years ago) that the garage was his domain and I wasn't to organize it. This was even before I started organizing professionally.

Since then we have worked together to slowly let go of those things that we do not need in order to make our garage tidier. The previous owner of our home left a rickety metal shelf in the garage. This past weekend we emptied it of our stuff, took it apart and yesterday morning I took it to Razorback Metals in Dexter, Michigan.

Our old shelf was worth only $0.60 for metal recycling, but I had a coupon from the Dexter Leader (I write a monthly column for this local weekly) that gave me $10 for "gas money" by bringing my stuff to Razorback Metals. I still cannot figure out that business model, but I was happy to get rid of that old shelf and walk away $10.60 richer.

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