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My Clutter Weakness

Indulging in my clutter weakness. Summer is here! On a recent summer morning, I dropped my kids off at VBS and ran a couple of errands before returning to my office to work on this post.

While picking up holds for my kids at the local library, I had a little chat with the ladies at the circulation desk. I was thrilled to pick up a July 2016 edition of Oprah Magazine for free at the magazine exchange.

You see, magazines are my clutter weakness. And free magazines are so tempting to me that I have given myself "rules" for the magazine exchange. But still, in a moment of weakness, I can find my arms full of others' cast off magazines (yes, I live a wild life). The problem is that so many magazines can quickly turn into annoying clutter.

Sue, one of the sweet ladies that works at the circulation desk, found it reassuring that I too, have clutter weaknesses. The desk wasn't busy yet, so Sue suggested and took the photo at right of me at the beloved magazine exchange.

The whole thing was such a lovely encounter and I was also honored that Sandy, a reader and seminar attendee, stopped to say hello. Our little Midwestern town has such a welcome friendly vibe.

I enjoy these these simple daily interactions in my community, especially when life gets a little hectic. This summer my days are going to be very full AND I am intent on keeping a Simply Organized Life™ at the same time.

In my next post I share my non-negotiables for staying organized during busy times.

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Non-Negotiables for Summer

Non-Negotiables for Summer

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