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My Organizing Journey™

130 Near the end of August this year, my kids were at their last camp for the summer. We were anxious for the start of a new school year. And lots of clutter had piled up around me during the busy days of June, July and August.

Did you too accumulate a lot of clutter over the summer?

Over the last few weeks that my kids have been back to school, I have been sorting through the accumulated clutter, checking things off my daily to-do list and in general, getting things done. As my coach succinctly put it "Things are coming back in order." It feels good!

Last May, I sped through my library copy of Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying UpWhile I do not agree with everything in Ms. Kondo's NYT bestseller, it inspired me and made me realize that I still have lots of stuff that doesn't "spark joy".

Like many of you, I am on my own Organizing Journey™ to live a simple fulfilling life. I would like to know:  Have you read Marie Kondo's book? What did you think? And where do you struggle in your Organizing Journey™?

As always, I love to hear from you!

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Declutter Challenge

Declutter Challenge

What I Learned This Summer

What I Learned This Summer