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November Newsletter

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The November edition was sent out this morning and included information on my upcoming seminars, tips for Thanksgiving planning and clutter-free gift ideas. I have a correction for November. I incorrectly stated that Thanksgiving is four weeks away, when actually it is three weeks away! Apologies for any confusion this might have caused.

In addition, my friend Carol Hoffer, shared with me some more tips on clutter-free gifts. Carol doesn't always recommend lotions or candles. Her daughter-in-law (a massage therapist) ended up with over 40 bottles of lotions as a result of gifts received!

Carol suggested books of stamps instead (my husband and I loved the PhotoStamps we made of our dog!). For those keeping Kosher Carol recommends Wolferman's English Muffins. Evidently, Ann Arbor's Zingerman's bread isn't Kosher.

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