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Organized Afternoons

Last month I shared my organized morning routine AND the secret to starting our days out right:

"A good morning starts the day before." 

Many of you commented on my 5 a.m. wake up time. My afternoon and evening routines are what makes this possible.

Every day, my afternoon routine starts with lunch. I take my meals seriously. It's a time to nourish my body, my mind and my soul with good food. I try to avoid snacking and sit down for all meals.

Because I work from home most days, most days lunch is at home. In addition to preparing my own lunch, I prepare my kids' lunches for the next day at this time.

After nourishing myself with a healthy lunch, I tidy the kitchen completely and do some daily housework. This includes washing all the dishes, putting things away, wiping down counter-tops, daily vacuuming and daily laundry. If you are outside your home all day, there won't be as much mess and you can complete your daily tasks in the morning and evening.

Before I return to my office or other activities, I like to get outside with my dog. It's as much for the dog, as for me. There are so many health benefits to moving our bodies and being in the outdoors, even for a short amount of time.

As I mentioned last month, I reserve the mornings for focus work and client sessions. Afternoons are for less mentally taxing activities such as telephone calls, e-mails, paperwork, errands or any household tasks that require a bit more time.

Right before my children return home from school, I look at my calendar and prioritize the next day's focus work. When my kids return, my attention is on guiding them to complete their homework, household tasks and music practice. On a good day the children's tasks will be completed by dinner time.

Next month, I will share our family's typical evening routine.


Routines Are for Kids AND Parents

Routines Are for Kids AND Parents

Nurturing Daily Rituals

Nurturing Daily Rituals