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Organizing for Stress Free Holidays

Yesterday the November 2011 edition of Your Simply Organized Life hit in-boxes. In it I provided 10 simple tip for stress free holidays.

From my perspective being organized is an essential element in enjoying the holidays and living well every day. My 10 tips for stress free holidays do not cost anything and will help you save time and money during this busy time of the year.

1. Keep it Simple

2. Plan, Plan, Plan

3. Use a Calendar

4. Make a Financial Plan (and stick to it!)

5. Declutter Your Space

6. Ask for What you Want (and ask other what they want)

7. Give Clutter Free Gifts

8. Accept Imperfection

9. Remember the Reason for the Season

10. Have Fun!

Over the next few weeks I will be elaborating on each of these 10 tips at the Simply Organized Life blog. Please join me as we prepare for stress free holidays (or at least holidays with less stress)!

If you are in a crunch to get your house in order before Thanksgiving, check out November's special and schedule your complementary telephone consultation today with Carolyn to learn more. Please also feel free to sign up for my newsletter, Your Simply Organized Life. You will receive a free gift just for signing up.

Stress Free Holiday Tip #1

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