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Preparing for the Inevitable

Most of us probably do not want to think about, let alone prepare for, our inevitable deaths. Admitedly, on our organizing journeys this is probably one of the later things we will spend time on. However, it is an important gift that we can provide to our families and our heirs.

My colleague, Shannon Ronald, who I met at the 2006 NAPO Conference in Boston recently appeared on http://www.wsradio.com/ internet radio. Shannon, who is both a professional organizer and a life coach discusses the need to speak openly with our family members about our inevitable deaths. Click here to listen to the 10 minute segment with Shannon.

As with any other task on our organizing journeys, preparing for death can take many forms. One element is physical (i.e. your "stuff") while other elements include paperwork, financial documents and other wishes after death. By decluttering throughout the stages of our life and organizing our paperwork, we can eliminate stress for our loved ones after we are gone.

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