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Read This--Save Money

There was an article by David Kocieniewski in the on-line version of The New York Times last Monday titled "After $12,000, There's Even Room to Park the Car". While this article was an interesting read for me as an Organizing Consultant, I could not help but think there are a lot of people out there that might be contemplating spending thousands of dollars to get their garages in order.

Once again, I must say that it is not necessary to buy more "stuff" in order to get organized. This is merely treating the symptoms of a problem and not addressing the root causes.

According to the article, in 2005 $800 Million (yes, Million!) was spent on garage organizing products. This is double the amount spent in the year 2000 and is expected to rise by 10%/year for the next decade!

Organizing products can be good tools but without an understanding of the root causes of disorganization, purchasing these products can be a waste of money. A good professional organizer or organizing consultant (that is not affiliated with any product lines) can help you get to the root cause of your disorganization and maybe save you thousands of dollars in the process.

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