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Routines for a Happy Home

As we go into spring, let's think about how to make our homes happy places. It's going to be different for all of us, depending on what feels good.
For me, my home is a special sacred place for myself and my family to recharge in. It's like a little sanctuary from the busyness of the outside world. On a good day it's a place where we can live with intentionality and ease. On a not so good day, keeping the household running smoothly can feel overwhelming.
The last three months I have written about my morning, afternoon and evening routines. When I stick to my routines, our home is a happier place and I am a happier person. It's easier to keep the house clean and clutter free. The laundry gets done and put away every day. We eat good food. And most importantly, we enjoy each other's company more.
If your home doesn't feel cozy or happy, ask yourself what you need to do to make it feel that way. There might be a whole lot of projects and things you want to do. I have those too. Let's break it down even smaller to a daily action, or routine.
So, I ask you this month:
What is one thing you can add to your daily routine to make your home a more happy place?
I would love to hear what you choose! Comment below and share!
Closing Open Loops

Closing Open Loops

Is Your Home a Happy Place?

Is Your Home a Happy Place?