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Seeking More Joy

Living the glamorous and joy filled life! I had trouble getting started on this post, despite a tight deadline.

Being organized enough, I usually give myself a bit more time, but my days have been full preparing a new seminar that's near to my heart and taking care of job #1, my family and home.

And, if I am really honest with you, I have a little assignment from my coach to carry out here. This assignment has me really searching for the right words.

Last week she and I spoke about how I have been feeling called to and conflicted on spending more time focusing on family, home and personal projects. As this month's title suggests, I am seeking more joy in my day to day.

My coach suggested I take a sabbatical for a set amount of time and write about it here. Last week that sounded really good. However, after a week of mulling over our conversation and what to write, "sabbatical" just doesn't feel like the right word. "Seeking more joy" seems better.

"Seeking more joy" for now, means looking for creative ways to bring more joy to my work with Simply Organized Life™ and letting go of the guilt when I choose family over the business or vice versa. It means giving my self permission to focus more on what truly brings joy. And it means editing out a whole lotta "shoulds" from my life.

In a nutshell, I need to clear the clutter:  the clutter of "shoulds", self limiting beliefs, obligations on my time and even physical clutter, as I feel pulled to further explore minimalism.

It all feels new to me and it makes me wonder if I have been chasing the wrong things most of my adult life. Or is it just time...time for a little change...time for a new outlook...time for more joy!

All My Best,

Carolyn (that's me above with the young goat)

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