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I wish every morning went as smoothly as today. Being an organizer, things are generally laid out for the morning routine; but typically someone is tired, whiny and basically uncooperative. That someone is sometimes me, which is really not how I like to start a new day. 

So what was the difference today? We all (including myself) had a good night's sleep!

In my "Secrets of a Simply Organized Life" seminar and essay (sign up here to receive a copy) I talk about how getting enough sleep impacts our executive function tasks which include reasoning, planning and decision making. These are tasks that are crucial in order to organize our time and our physical surroundings. Without enough sleep, we flounder in personal organizational tasks (not to mention that it makes us really whiny). 

So, if you want your morning routine to function better, take a close look at your evening routine. On a good day, my evening routine (including getting my kids ready for bed) starts at least two hours before I go to bed myself. 

Here are some simple tips for getting a good night's sleep:

  • Create a tranquil escape by eliminating clutter where you sleep. 
  • Turn off all electronic devices (including the television) at least an hour before you want to sleep. 
  • Prepare for the day ahead by checking your calendar, laying out clothes and preparing the next day's breakfast or lunch. 
  • Stick to a consistent bed-time routine. This helps children and adults sleep better. 
Carolyn Anderson-Fermann is a public speaker, organizing expert and founder of Simply Organized Life. Carolyn will be presenting "Secrets of a Simply Organized Life" at My Urban Toddler in Saline, Michigan on May 18, 2012 (childcare is available, check with My Urban Toddler for details).

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