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Small Space Living:  International Edition

Small Space Living: International Edition


As I mentioned in my last post, my MBA classmate Jun Su recently e-mailed me to share his family's small space living arrangement in one of the world's most crowded cities, Hong Kong, China. It's fascinating to me and I asked Jun if I could share his story with all of you. Here's what Jun (pictured below with Sparty) had to say:

Jun Su Spartan

In my subdivision there are 40 high apartment buildings, each with 40 floors. There are eight apartments on each floor. We live in an apartment of 1000 square feet, including the walls, so inside it's about 800 square feet. It's considered big in Hong Kong.

Outside Building

The apartment has been divided into four bedrooms, two restrooms, dining area, living room and kitchen. Most of the furniture was built into the part of remodeling so that the space utilization can be maximized. I have my in-laws with us for a significant part of every year. So, as you can imagine, to have a simple and organized life is very helpful. 


Here are some examples of how we maximize the space:

  • My two boys share a bunker bed, the lower one slides out at night and back in during the day.
  • All of the beds have storage space built in under the mattress.
  • There are small cabinets built in every corner as possible, such as under the counter by the window and above the foyer for extra storage.

Boys Beds

Jun is an inspiration to me, not just for his dedication in taking his family on weekend hikes, but also for his genuine friendly nature and positive attitude. During our business school days, he was always smiling.

Many of us would lament living in such a small space, but Jun seems to always look on the bright side and be thankful for this opportunity to simplify life. He even invited my family for a visit and offered to put us up in his office/guest room. I do hope we have a chance to visit some day.


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