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Tip #10 Have Fun

The holidays are now upon us. This is the time when we all have a choice. As a recovering perfectionist (see holiday tip #8) I have to remind myself that I can choose to stress over all the little things that might need to be done. Or I can make another choice and focus on having fun with my family these next two weeks.  

After a few bumps in the road, I have chosen to have fun. Only the really essential tasks will make it onto my to-do list and calendar, while the others can wait.

I have decided that what I have done thus far is enough. Those last few gifts that I did not purchase can go on  the list for birthdays. The stockings will be hung as a family activity, but the other decorations can stay in the box until next year (note to self, start earlier next year). What my family really needs is for me to be present and not stressed out. 

So, this holiday season, please remind yourself to be really present with your family. Most likely, it is the experiences, not the stuff, that will be remembered years from now. 

Happy Holidays!

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