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When Things Fall Apart

When things fall apart, things pile up! Every two weeks, I write blog posts from where I am at in my own life and organizing journey. In February, things fell apart.

Not in a big way, like Buddhist nun, Pema Chodron, refers to in her book of the same title (full disclosure, I have yet to read this book). But in a smaller way that threw me off balance for a couple of weeks.

Last month, lots of little nagging things caused my Simply Organized Life™ to fall apart: illness hitting our home, a trip to the hospital, my accounting software crashing, an overdrawn checking account, an overdue fine at the library.

None of these things are really a big deal in isolation, but they all came at once and caused me to feel quite anxious. It got me to thinking about how I really rely on my organizational systems to keep things in order and keep me feeling calm.

As I often say in my seminars, I believe that organization is a tool to enhance our lives. Staying productive and organized helps me live my best life.

This month, let's all ask ourselves (and comment below) how we can use productivity techniques and organizational tips to make our lives profoundly better.

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