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Why Organize?

Yesterday, I attended the Ann Arbor Book Festival's day long writer's conference. Some of the sessions were so-so, while others were really great. The best, in my opinion, was Lisa Garrigues' "Writing Motherhood" session, which takes a pragmatic approach to writing for busy mothers like myself. Ms. Garrigues also had great handouts and was well prepared, so it is no wonder her books sold out at the hallway table.

Another great session was on blogging. It was more of a Q&A session with Ron Hogan and Claudia Mair Francis Burney. I must admit that I am not really very literary. I love to read, but find time mainly for non-fiction, so I had never heard of either blogger. Interestingly enough, Mr. Hogan did a great interview with Peter Walsh of TLC's Clean Sweep and more recently, Oprah, fame. Mr. Walsh is so right when he says that organizing is "never about the stuff" and "you're organized because it makes your life easier." I couldn't have said it better.

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