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Your 2nd Chance: Chinese New Year

Chinese Dragon Year 2012
10 Chinese New Year Resolutions (photo credit:  rootsbd.com)

I love fresh starts. There is something wonderful about the possibility of starting new. 

In the January edition of "Your Simply Organized Life" (subscribe for free here) I wrote a little about new year's resolutions, including a couple of my own. However, I am finding my excitement over the new year start to wane. 

Life happens and it is natural for our enthusiasm to fade. For myself, the last two weeks have been extremely busy with preparing and presenting two seminars and unfortunately, tending to a sick child. The latter never occurs at a convenient time. 

Since today is Chinese New Year, I see the notation on the calendar as a second chance to clear the clutter and start afresh on my goals for the new year. I am not demanding perfection of myself, just progress in the right direction. 

The best thing about fresh starts is that we can do this any time. Maybe the year of the dragon is your time!

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