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Organizing Cosmetics
The Clinique counter at Macy's in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

It is Clinique bonus time at Macy's (until April 14, 2013 or until supplies last). I do not wear much make-up, so I can pretty much get by on purchasing my favorite powder and the samples from the bonus bag. 

Most of us are pretty good at stocking up on our favorite cosmetic bonuses, but not so good at letting go and organizing our make-up. Cosmetics do have a shelf life and it is important to throw out old or expired items. 

The same day I make my bonus purchase, I take everything out of its package and write the purchase date on the individual items in permanent marker. This gives me a good indication of when I need to throw out old items and how long cosmetics last in my drawer so I do not overbuy. After dating the new purchases, I throw away the old duplicates. This is also known as the "one in, one out rule" in maintaining organization. 

I keep my cosmetics laid out in a bathroom drawer in the order that I apply each item. This saves precious morning time. I also keep a makeup bag (a "free" bonus of course!) in the drawer, so that when I travel everything is easily placed in the bag. In addition to the cosmetics' bag, I have a couple of cups holding brushes, a nail file, nail polish; as well as a small organizer for lip stick, mascara and small brushes. 

This is a really easy way to organize cosmetics, which saves time and money!

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