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"Be a Tourist at Home"

"Be a Tourist at Home"


Peonies at  Nichols Arboretum  on the UM Campus Ann Arbor, Michigan June 2015 Summer is in full swing now! How is it going for you? Are your kids bickering and making a mess of your home like my children? Please say "yes" and make it feel normal to me!

A few days before school let out for the summer, I finished a big project early (this rarely happens). My reward to myself and my dog was visiting the Peony Garden at Nichols Arboretum. In all the years I have lived here, I had never seen the peonies in bloom and I love peony blooms.

I was inspired to make this little excursion both by Gretchen Rubin's Happier Podcast tip to "Be a Tourist at Home" and my MBA classmate Jun Su who lives in Hong Kong, China.

Through Jun's Facebook posts I noticed that almost every weekend he hikes with his family in the wilderness areas of Hong Kong. I had no idea that nearly 75% of Hong Kong was undeveloped.

Jun recently subscribed to "Your Simply Organized Life" my monthly e-newsletter (sign up above). When he e-mailed me to share his family's small space living arrangements in Hong Kong, I was fascinated and hope you will be too! My next post will include description and photos of Jun's Hong Kong apartment.

Do you have a solution or challenge you would like to share? I am all ears! Leave a comment below or send me an e-mail!

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