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How to Find More Joy

Finding Joy in a Foggy Fall Morning As I shared in my last post, I am intentionally seeking more joy. Truth be told, I am still trying to figure what this means at this season of life in my day to day existence. It's different for all of us.

Like a lot us, particularly in North America, I used to think finding joy meant having a lot of stuff or achievements. Now, at what might be the middle of my life, I am not so sure.

While I do not have it all figured out, I do have a few questions that I am asking myself and journaling on these days. I encourage you to also consider these questions deeply.

  • What gives me joy?
  • What does my ideal day/week look like?
  • What can I edit out in order to feel more joy daily?

You may be asking what does this all have to do with organizing and productivity? In my mind, a lot, but it's a bit of a chicken and egg scenario. Do you come from a place of joy and then feel happy to be more organized and productive. Or are you organized and productive and that in turn, creates more joy in your life? What do you think?

After working with clients for over a decade, I believe that it takes asking these deeper questions for folks to get and, more importantly, stay organized and productive. After all, it's never really about the stuff.

Choosing Less

Choosing Less

Seeking More Joy

Seeking More Joy